Who Are We?

The Alabama Chess Federation (ACF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and the United States Chess Federation affiliate for the state of Alabama. Our goal is to promote chess all over Alabama for the benefit of all Alabama players. Toward that end, we provide advertising and other assistance for rated tournaments, as well as support for scholastic chess programs around the state. Bylaws and other significant ACF documents are available in our online archive.

Our People:

Elected Officers & Delegate

President: Jonathan Rasberry jonathan.rasberry@alabamachess.org
Vice-President: Bill Melvin bill.melvin@alabamachess.org
Secretary: Jessica Snow zachandjessica@gmail.com
Treasurer: Paul Nager alliance1@sprintmail.com
Scholastic VP (ASSCC Organizer): Todd Guthrie todd.guthrie@alabamachess.org
Director of Public Relations: Michael Porcelli michael.porcelli@alabamachess.org
USCF Delegate: Gerald Larson glarson@knology.net
Education VP & USCF Alt. Delegate: Neil Dietsch neil.dietsch@alabamachess.org

ACF Staff / Volunteers

Antics Editor:NM Scott VaragonaAlabama.Chess.Editor@gmail.com
Membership Administrator:Jessica Snowzachandjessica@gmail.com
Tournament Reports & Calendar Editor:Vacant
Web Content Manager:Jonathan Rasberryjonathan.rasberry@alabamachess.org
Webmaster: Neil Dietschneil.dietsch@alabamachess.org

Board Subcommittees

Audit (ACF & CIS LLC):Jonathan Rasberry & Neil Dietsch
Information Technology:Michael Porcelli, Neil Dietsch, & Jonathan Rasberry
Social Media [Facebook, Twitter]:Michael Porcelli, Jonathan Rasberry, Mike Lawson
Scholastic:Todd Guthrie, Jonathan Rasberry, Michael Porcelli, Jessica Snow

Chess in Schools LLC

Chess in Schools is a single member LLC non-profit organization reporting to the ACF Executive Board. It provides chess training and services to schools in the United States as well as being active in international chess in education initiatives.

Managing Director:Neil Dietschneil@chessinschools.us
National Chess Education Consultant:Jerry Nashjerry@chessinschools.us
Operations Manager, Education Consultant:Nancy Johnsonnancy@chessinschools.us
Financial Officer:Paul Nager


Any individual may become an Individual Member upon the payment of annual dues of $15.00. Regular Members may receive special publications or notices from ACF as they are issued. All regular members have the privilege to vote in any membership meeting. Any individual member below the age of 18 can have their parent vote for them in their stead. Families with three or more members could elect to become a Regular Family member for all immediate family members for $35. Regular Family memberships grant one vote to anyone of the family over 18. Lifetime memberships can be bought for $150 and are good for any individual for life. Any organized group of chess players may become an Affiliate upon the payment of annual dues of $35.00 and the filing of an Affiliate Information Form with the Secretary of ACF.

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