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International, National, State, and Local OrganizationsChess Training & General Information Sites
Georgia Chess Association
Tennessee Chess Association

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Chess in Schools LLC; ACF's subsidiary devoted to developing chess in school programs.
Chess Base
Chess Cafe
365 Chess
Chess Kid; Popular scholastic chess website. Choice of ACIS for it's first year pilot. Includes online chess play (child-friendly), puzzles, lessons, videos. Target age range: ages 6-11, scholastic chess coaches/teachers. Rating range (for lessons): Beginner to 1000. Note: new courses are being added, so the upper range may have increased by the time you read this.
Chess Magnet School; chess training for students. It's light on actual theory, but is a great, fun out-of-class learning and practice tool. Rating range: Beginner - 1600.
International Chess School; Advanced chess training. Target audience: adults, rating range: 1200 - 2200 rating.
Learning Chess; Chess curriculum with interactive lessons for scholastic players; suitable for classroom use. Target age range: 9+, scholastic coaches/teachers.
Chessopolis; tutorial links
Chess Games
Chess Tempo; Broad range of master games, openings, tactics and endgame puzzle training.
The Chess School: with the highly regarded Think Like A King chess curriculum (now internet cloud-based), chess club manager, and facilities for online tournaments. Target age range: 9+, scholastic chess coaches/teachers. Rating range: Beginner to 1600.
More Chess Links A diverse set of interesting chess links ranging from history, to rules, tactics, chess research, organizations and more.
Chess Servers Chess Forms, Graphics, Desktop Publishing
PlayChess.com Realtime Download Client
World Chess Live Realtime includes USCF Rated QC
Internet Chess Club Where the pros are
Red Hot Pawn
USCF Forms
Word Scoresheet For Advanced Player
Word Scoresheet For Beginning Players
Enpassant Chess Graphics
Web Based PGN editor and much more
Web Based PGN/FECN Editor
ASSCC test ind ASSCC test team